Outplacement does not have to be a burden on an employer. In the ebb and flow of business, inevitably and employer must face staff reductions. Long-term, loyal employees are no longer able to be employed. Decision-makers must identify ways to make the transition easier. Often outplacement services are engaged which can cost $2,000 to $7,000 per employee, however; there are ways to provide benefits to employees while maintaining a financially responsible position. Below are some suggestions which can significantly reduce outplacement costs.

1). Work with a Local Organization

Every major metropolitan area has numerous service providers. Distance creates cost in travel, inefficiency, contractors and accessibility. All those expenses are factored in to what you pay while they do not add value to the services your employees receive.

2). Engage Outplacement Services Provided on an “Out-Patient” Basis

The most cost effective Outplacement Services meet with individuals on an as needed basis. It may seem of value to provide an office suite, secretarial support, a telephone and a coach for 8 hours a day, but in today’s job search environment, a majority of tasks can be completed from home.

3). Purchase Core Services

Look into purchasing a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile preparation and possibly interview training. These are the necessary tools to find employment. A focus on these services can reduce outplacement costs by up to 75%. Keep in mind that without a resume, the job service does not begin. A process which begins with personality tests, sessions on job search and other time consuming services can delay starting the employment process by a weeks if not a month or more.

Save on outplacement services for your employees

Employees can benefit from outplacement services.

4). Only Pay for Services Which Your Employees Use

Often an outplacement contract provides blanket services with no accountability. Rarely will an outplacement service prepare a resume but will coach or teach an individual to prepare their own. If an employee finds a job right away, the outplacement company clams success and justifies fees regardless of time allocated to the job seeker. When an job seeker opts out of certain options by refusing them or simply not participating, the employer receives no discount.

If you are a Chicago-based employer and are looking for outplacement services, contact Harvard Oaks Enterprises, Inc. We are a 30-year old company with an A+ BBB rating and a track record of successfully assisting job seekers in our Chicago, Oakbrook, Naperville and Tinley Park offices. You can reach someone to speak about outplacement directly at 1-800-730-3244.

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Having a resume ready should be a priority of anyone currently working. Like an insurance policy, having a resume up to date allows one to act on opportunities with short notice. A current resume is important for the following reasons:

1). Employers Often Request Updated Resumes for Promotions
To identify the most motivated and qualified employees, individuals will often be asked to submit a resume for consideration. If the resume does not illustrated the most recent work history, it could be more detrimental than helpful. Be ready for new internal opportunities with a updated resume.

2). The Best Positions are Filled the Quickest
Not only are the best positions most desirable, but they are likely to have the most competitors. It has been proven that candidates who interview early are often compared to those who interview later. The ability to respond quickly also applies to opportunities which are obtained through word of mouth.

3). Networking, Networking, Networking
Always keep a resume with you in your portfolio or briefcase. Often your history can be used to illustrate your capabilities. Resumes are used as part of consideration for recognition, application for positions of leadership for trade groups or for meeting introductions. It is always easy to forward your resume through a friend if you have one ready.

4). It’s Easy to Forget Your Accomplishments
An up-to-date resume is a journal of what you do. When you update every six months, it is easier to determine your greatest accomplishments and document them. People who wait years to update have to pull records, contact people and end up with a lot of head scratching.

5). Peace of Mind
You can rest easy than knowing you are ready when the opportunity arises. Don’t let an outdated resume keep you from your comfort zone.

At A Better Resume Service we maintain resumes on file for the purpose of updating. Making changes and adding new positions is quick and easy. If you schedule an appointment, often small updates can be completed while you wait. Don’t delay, start today.

For free consultation on resume writing services nationwide, click here.

National Resume Writing Service

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Illinois Resume Writer’s Discount Link

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Technology is supposed to make our lives easier right? It should be bringing us greater convenience and saving us time. Mobile devices allow us to be connected everywhere. We can keep in touch with friends and family and find the latest news wherever we are, but the other side of the coin is that we are unable to disconnect. Our employers have a hotline to reach us. We are effectively always on call and the result is longer working hours than ever before.

Selling like hot cakes
Smartphones and tablets are leading the mobile technology charge. According to Flurry Analytics the Android and iOS platforms are the fastest growing consumer technology in history. Our adoption of smartphones and tablets is occurring ten times faster than the PC evolution, twice as fast as the Internet explosion, and three times faster than the social media craze.
If we look at smartphone penetration in the US, Nielsen Reports that 55.5 percent of mobile subscribers now have smartphones. A staggering 74 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds now own smartphones. While the meteoric growth is showing signs of slowing slightly, those figures are still going up.

Blurring the work-life balance
Smartphones and, to some extent, tablets, are blurring the line between our social lives and our work lives. We use mobile technology for both. That means that there is no cut-off point when we leave the office at the end of the day. It has always been commonplace for certain professionals, like doctors, to be on call, but mobile technology puts us all on call.
Not only are we always reachable, but we can also easily take work home with us. The urge to check up on emails is virtually irresistible, and the worst part is that we are doing it to ourselves. Every time we struggle to switch off, check our inboxes during dinner, or send that “quick response that simply can’t wait” while lying in bed, we create an expectation.

Is your job that important?
Let’s face it: Things aren’t really going to grind to a halt if that email goes unanswered until the morning. Where does that pressure come from? What’s the source of that little voice that persuades you to have one last look at your inbox as you lie in bed ready to sleep? Why do you feel compelled to have a quick look at your work email first thing in the morning when you’ll be there in an hour or two?

Employers are rubbing their hands with glee
The expectation that we will be right on top of everything the second it happens is growing, even in jobs that aren’t really time sensitive. The BYOD (bring your own device) trend is a real boon for employers. We are buying our own mobile technology and using it to stay connected to work for longer each day. The productivity boost and hardware savings more than compensate for the increased IT headache.

Perhaps it’s time we imposed a cut-off. Resist that urge to check your inbox again, focus on your family while you’re at home, don’t let work encroach. If we aren’t careful then that voluntary extension of the working day will soon become an expectation.

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A recent Jobvite study indicated that more than 94 percent of recruiters use social media of which Linkedin was listed as the top source for new hires. In addition, you can think of Linkedin as the Facebook for professionals. It is a way to meet people, update your knowledge and explore your options.

While more than 70 percent of businesses plan to increase recruiting through social media, only 40 percent said they would increase spending through online job portals. In just three years, recruiters hiring through LinkedIn nearly doubled – from about 45 percent to more than 70 percent.

The job-search market has changed from post your resume online and wait for results to a job-seeking approach based more on relationships. Your online reputation, presentation, and appearance counts, including your connections on LinkedIn and how you are portrayed on other social media sites. If you don’t look good online, employers don’t much care what you’re like in person. In other words, your first impression is going to be an online impression.

Just Pasting Your resume onto your LinkedIn Page Doesn’t Work
Employers read your resume when you apply for a position. Your LinkedIn profile, though, is often viewed before you are asked to apply for a position. The two forms of media are dramatically different. Even if your resume looks good on the printed page, that doesn’t mean it’s going to present well online.

Your LinkedIn profile allows you to provide “social proof” that you can’t do with a resume.

Each item listed in your “Experience” section provides you the opportunity to display other people’s recommendations and good feedback.

Connections are not obvious on a resume. A robust listing of your connections demonstrates to potential employers that you are engaged as a member of a community – a network of professionals.

A resume doesn’t allow for real-time updates. You mail yours off to a recruiter or human resources manager, and you’re done. Your LinkedIn profile, however, can be updated tonight, or tomorrow, with status updates that showcase who you are and what you’re all about.

We Know How to Make You Stand Out
If you have a linkedin profile and want to improve or want to get one started, contact your resume writer at A Better Resume Service.

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Articles of Interest This Month

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3). 5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Resume Today

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Great Resume Writing ServiceYou can be the perfect interviewer, you can sell anyone on your value, but you will not have the chance unless the resume you have gets you in the door. In today’s competitive market and with changes in electronic distribution and processing, you can help forward your career by enlisting the assistance of a professional resume writer. To follow are some suggestions for making the right choice.

1). Take the time to talk to potential writers. Ask them questions and listen to the answers to ensure they can assist you. Schedule a free consultation to meet them.

2). Never pay any money in advance until you have talked to a live person.

3). If you can not visit a service, make sure you have a physical address that you can verify. Make sure they are located within driving distance. If something goes wrong or you need to meet in person, you do not want to get on a plane.

4). Visit a writer in-person. Make sure they are in a stable business, they seem competent and you have a chance to see examples of their work.

5). Make sure your writer is the one who will do the work rather than a salesperson who takes orders and contracts work out to home-based businesses.

6). What are the writer’s credentials. How long have they been in business?

7). Ask about the writing process. What information is necessary? How is it going to be presented. Will you have a chance to review the work before it is finalized?

8). What are the update policies? How long will the resume be kept on file. What are future costs.

9). Does the business seem successful? Is it in a good location?

10). Can you make a deposit toward the work and pay once it is finalized?

These tips will help you select a resume service which will do what they say, give you what you need and launch you into your new career.

For free consultation on resume writing services nationwide, click here.

National Resume Writing Service

If you are in Illinois, use this special discount link for $25 off when scheduling a free consultation with a local resume writer.

Illinois Resume Writer’s Discount Link

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Our staff are dedicated to helping people looking for work.

Why are we Making this Offer?

In today’s financial environment, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to obtain financing. Many organizations raise capital by crowdfunding. Our offer is one step better because, unlike crowdfunding, we pay you interest on your money.

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If you have any questions, you may call me directly.
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If you are successful in finding a decision maker, you will be more successful in selling yourself as a potential employee. In today’s world where thousands of inquiries fall on deaf ears, it is time to find those who want to hear your story. Here are some suggestions developed from years as an executive recruiter.
Smart job seekers success tips

1) Travel in the Same Circles

A female client of mine, in the early days of cell phones accepted a sales position in that industry. She decided that the best place to find customers was on golf courses. She carried her phone and 30 pound battery pack to club houses and offered its use to make calls to the office or the spouses of the players. Even at a price of several thousand dollars, she outsold every rep in her company. Frequent places where decision makers are to be found.

2) Stand Out in Your Industry

As a recruiter, finding outstanding talent was always a challenge. We would look for intelligence, strong communication skills and respect in the industry. We found all these attributes in people active in industry organizations and publications.

3) Find Someone Who Knows Someone

It comes back to Six Degrees of Separation. I met a man and within a short time, we found out the following. 1) He lived in a town I had lived in 20 years ago. 2) His best friend had married the daughter of a man I had worked for in high school. Someone you know, knows someone who knows someone you want to know. Canvass people you run into and you would be surprised how quickly you can find your goal.

4) Manage your Social Media

Keep your Linkedin profile updated. Participate in Twitter, Facebook, even Pinterest and Tumbler if you can reach people through them. Publish a blog. The electronic age allows you to reach thousands of people.

For free consultation on resume writing services nationwide, click here.

National Resume Writing Service

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Illinois Resume Writer’s Discount Link

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After a series of peaks and valleys that confounded optimists and pessimists alike this year, the American economy seems to have settled into a healthy, if not spectacular, pace of job creation.

The US Labor Department reported nonfarm payroll increased by 217,000 in the month of May. With four consecutive months of payroll increases of more than 200,000; that is the first time in 14 years the US has seen such increases.

US unemployment declined to 6.3% of the population. A shift into service positions has been offset by advances in the technology sector, with payroll showing significant increases.

Wall Street was enthusiastic. Investors were pleased by the uptick in hiring and the lack of the kind of wage inflation that might prompt the Fed to raise short-term interest rates sooner than the current expectation of mid-2015.

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Good interviews get good jobs.No matter where you studied and which school or college you studied, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, and whom you know in Industry–if you aren’t able to answers to interview questions in interview successfully, you won’t get the job. Our job interview tips gives you information about how to face Interview successfully and covers most job interview Techniques and tips and also covers lots of things which we have to avoid during interview. So learning in best interview skills is important for every individual.

1. 10 seconds to sell or say so long

Unless your resume catches the interviewer’s eye in 10 seconds it’s over, you’re done. So the big question is how do I catch the interviewer’s eye? Here comes the best advice on how to get a job interview you’ll ever get. Cater your resume to the job description!!! I can’t stress this point enough. It’s imperative that you cater your resume to each position you apply for. And I mean taking each line on the job description and writing a line on your resume to reflect your experience with regard to that line.

Yes, it takes more time than sending the same resume to 100′s of jobs, but you’re far better off applying to a fraction of those jobs with a resume specifically written for each job. Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. Their job is to hire the most qualified candidate. They’ve been given a set of qualifications to look for: aka the job description, and that’s exactly what they’re after, so give it to them!

2. Be on time

There is no excuse for it, none! You don’t want a pissed off person interviewing you. Leave extra early, do whatever it takes. Blaming it on traffic or anything else doesn’t matter (even if it’s true.

3. Cell phone off

Obvious but easily forgotten, at least it was with 2 of the people interviewed. Double and triple check to make sure your cell phone ringer is turned off.

4. Know the company, and why you want to work there

Google the company you’re interviewing for. Learn as much as you can about the company’s mission, objectives, goals, and future plans. If you’re asked why you want to work for the company, you best answer something better then, “I like the company’s location”, which was said.

5. Bring resumes

Your interviewer(s) will likely have a copy of your resume but bring spares. It shows you’re prepared and serious about getting the job.

6. Bring a notepad

Very few people bring a notepad with them to a job interview. It’s a very subtle thing that makes you stand out. Take notes when appropriate.

7. Dress in a clean conservative manner

Make sure you go into a job interview having showered and wearing clean clothes. If you like wearing cologne or perfume, don’t wear any on the day of the interview. What’s subtle smelling to you may be overwhelming to your interviewer.

8. Profiles to private

If you don’t think interviewers Google you or look you up on Facebook or MySpace, you’re crazy. Hiring managers I’ve talked to all do this, as one put it, “to weed out people who wouldn’t be a good fit in the company’s culture.” Don’t give them ammo to not like you, set your profiles to private.

9. Don’t make jokes

Too many people think they are funny when in reality they’re not. A job interview isn’t the place to test your material. Be friendly and outgoing, save the jokes.

10. Don’t babble

When answering a question, answer the question. Don’t start out answering a question and then veer off to talk about something else. Make sure your answer directly reflects the question being asked.

11. Don’t badmouth a boss

Bad mouthing a previous boss in a job interview is a huge negative. They may have been the worst boss in the world but expressing that in a job interview is a huge mistake.

12. Don’t flirt with the interviewer

Common sense but apparently needs to be stated.

13. Don’t play with your face/hair

Interviews can be a nervous experience but rubbing your chin, twirling your hair, or anything else along those lines makes you look like you’re lying or lacking confidence, both not good.

14. Less is more

Sometimes certain details of your life are better left unsaid.

15. Have good eye contact

Staring at the floor, ceiling, or wall when speaking or listening makes you appear disinterested. Again, simple and obvious but happens way more then you’d think.

16. Have goals

Maybe you don’t have any idea where you want to be in a few years professionally but figure out something to say. If you don’t and you’re asked, you appear un-ambitious, which leads an interviewer to think you’d be a lazy employee.

17. Have accomplishments

Be prepared to talk about something that you’re proud of accomplishing, whether professionally or personally (or a failure and what you learned from it.

18. Have passion

Be able to express why you want to work in that field/industry and what you do to further your knowledge (books, blogs you read). The more intelligent or informed you are the more impressive you’ll look.

19. Ask Questions

At the end of the job interview make sure you have some questions to ask. If the interviewer doesn’t offer you a chance, ask to ask. Again, it reinforces your strong interest in the job.

20. Send a thank you note

It’s easy to send an email but take the extra effort to mail your interviewer a hand written thank you note. It reinforces your interest in the job. It doesn’t need to be long, just make it sincere.

There you have it. The best job interview tips you’ll ever get. Stick to them and you’ll be on your way to getting hired!

Below are questions you may want to ask the Interviewer:

1. Why is this position open?

2. How often has it been filled in the past five years? What were the main reasons?

3. What would you like done differently by the next person who fills this position?

4. What are some of the objectives you would like to see accomplished in this job?

5. What is most pressing? What would you like to have done in the next 3 months?

6. What are some of the long term objectives you would like to see completed?

7. What are some of the more difficult problems one would have to face in this position?

8. How do you think these could best be handled?

9. What type of support does this position receive in terms of people, finances. etc?

10. What freedom would I have in determining my own work objectives, deadlines, and methods of measurement?

11. What advancement opportunities are available for the person who is successful in this position, and within what time frame?

12. In what ways has this organization been most successful in terms of products and services over the years?

13. What significant changes do you foresee in the near future?

14. How is one evaluated in this position?

15. What accounts for success within the company?

16. These questions are presented only as interviewing guidelines. They are meant to help you prepare for the interview. Some questions may or may not be appropriate for your interviewing situation.

17. By practicing your responses to some of these questions, hopefully you will not be taken off guard if asked one of them. Most importantly, relax, go with the flow, and before you know it, you’ll be in your next job.

Interview Preparation Area

Below are questions you may be asked in the interview:

Tell me about yourself?(try to hold your response to 2 minutes)

What do you know about our company?

Why should we hire you?

What can you do for us that someone else can’t?

What do you look for in a job?

What skills and qualifications are essential for success in the position of ______?

How long would it take for you to make a meaningful contribution?

How does this assignment fit into your overall career plan?

Describe your management style.

What do you believe is the most difficult part of being a supervisor of people?

Why are you looking for a new career?

How would your colleagues describe you?

How would your boss describe you?

How would you describe yourself?

What do you think of your present or past boss?

What were the five most significant accomplishments in your last assignment?

What were the five most significant accomplishments in your career so far?

Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?

How much do you expect if we offer you this position?

Why do you want to work for us?

What other positions are you considering?

Have you kept up in your field with additional training?

What are your career goals?

What are your strong points?

What are your weak points?

How did you do in school?

What position do you expect to have in 2 to 5 years?

If you took the job what would you accomplish in the first year?

What was wrong with your current or last position?

What kind of hours are you used to working or would like to work?

Do you have your reference list with you? <i>(Remember don’t give it out unless it is asked for).

Can you explain your salary history?

What questions didn’t I ask that you expected?

Do you have any question for me?

For free consultation on resume writing services nationwide, click here.

National Resume Writing Service

If you are in Illinois, use this special discount link for $25 off when scheduling a free consultation with a local resume writer.

Illinois Resume Writer’s Discount Link

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