Technical Resumes

  • There are unique resume rules for different disciplines
  • A resume also needs to speak to nontechnical readers
  • It is easy to be too focused to see hidden talents: hire a writer
  • A good resume writer can help convey the big picture
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Technical Resume

One of the proven effective strategies when it comes to resume writing is to tailor your document towards a specific position or at least a particular industry. In order to do this successfully, you need to determine what language works best with regard to the position that you are applying for. One particular type of resume that people tend to have the most difficulty with developing is a technical resume, which is one that would be applicable to someone going for or already working at a position that requires a proficiency with the use of complex technologies.


However, just because you may be a computer programmer doesn’t mean that your resume should read like it was written by a computer programmer. Remember, the person reviewing your resume may not have the same technical knowledge as you and if your document is confusing, it’s sure to get passed over. Our writers have experience in writing resumes for just about every position in the IT field you can think of as well as a vast understanding of the types of software/hardware commonly used in the industry. They can show you how to effectively present even the most complex and technical information in an easily-understandable manner.

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